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At Donyè Scott's Creative Customs, we're more than just a business. We're a creative hub dedicated to transforming your ideas into tangible, exceptional realities. Our passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to innovation are at the heart of everything we do.
We're your destination for bespoke creations and artistic craftsmanship. Explore a world of unique, handcrafted items and personalized projects, each designed to reflect your vision. Let's bring your ideas to life together!

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Comes with the programming and activation, 20 Year Battery Life & Live Updates. Never have to buy a business card again eliminate paper waste. Connect efficiently!


MAW Ring $ 750

MAW Ring


QR or NFC card $ 325

This is a standard MAW card.


Duo keychain $ 325

Digital, multi-purpose keychain


Magic Staff Badge $ 350

Must purchase at least one MAW card.


Duo Card $ 465

Digital, multi-purpose card


Magic Body/Fob $ 255

Magic Body / Fob


Logos $ 285- $650

Our logo represents our commitment to delivering high-quality products/services and exceptional customer experiences.


Website $ 1255

Unleash your online potential with our exceptional web design services. We create captivating websites that engage, inspire, and convert. Let us bring your vision to life and make your digital presence shine.


Entrepreneur Bundle $ 2500

website, logo, welcome to Maw gift basket, Maw ring, duo MAW card ($6540 value)


Business Start-Up Bundle $ 3576

Each start-up bundle comes with website, logo, welcome packages for each staff member (magic staff badge, welcome onboard gift basket, Maw ring for the business owner, ($6540 value)

MAW™ (Magic Air Wireless)

This is just the beginning! Now that you have your MAW™ Business Card the sky is the limit! The amazement and first impression you’ve made on your new friend by just Waving Your card & instantly, your info pops up on their device! That’s enough to seal the deal on LONG-Life relationships! Enjoy up to 25 Years of Battery life with this NEW technology! Customize your favorite jewelry or wearable to share that same or different info! (Call for customizations). Don’t forget to ask about our new customizable Team BADGES limit! Instructions on data you’d like to share with any one you come in contact with… and the World! You just saved a Tree… & you look cool doing it :-)
1. Open up your contacts app and add or locate your name.
2. Update the contact card with as much info as possible filling out any social media you’d like to share.
3. Add any additional info to the Notes section in your contact!
4. Share the newly updated contact to 9013437245 or info@donyescott.com!
Magic Air Wireless ™ provides secure hosting for your data at no additional charge. However the user can subscribe monthly to your preferred carrier and host.


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MAW™ (Magic Air Wireless)

Perfect for Small to midsize organizations or Church staff. Visitor needs a bible? No prob! Just tap and Go! Attendee needs literature? Tap and Go! Client needs to know your availability or booking info? JUST TAP & GO! Magic Air Wireless has you covered! We specialize in all things Wireless-Socially! Never be embarrassed for not having your business card or info for your inquisitive new friends! Magic Air Wireless… So Far ahead of what’s NEW but only feet away, from you!